Sunday, June 19, 2011

good luck love

If you looked at my phone lately, you'd find a lot of pictures that looked like some variation of the following:

 Ryan studying at his computer...

Ryan studying at the table...

Ryan occasionally looking up and giving me one of these famous "are you done yet" looks
and of course, Ryan focusing on more important things while I make sad faces

for the past month and a half Ryan's been in full study mode, putting in 14+ hours of studying a day prepping for comps (qualifying exams aka hardest tests ever). his first one is monday, followed up by another round on thursday. i can't think of anyone else who has put in more time, studied harder, or been more focused. if you get a chance, shoot him some good vibes.

good luck love. you're amazing and you'll do great. i sure love you and am so proud of you.

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  1. Poor kid! I slightly feel his pain. . . I just finished up my qualifying exam this past week and it was not fun! I can bet mine was not even anywhere near as difficult as Ryan's so I can't imagine his stress. Good luck!!