Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekends and Finals

Saturday night Ryan and I drove up to Salt Lake to see his sister, brother-in-law, and some cousins. It was really fun. They're all a riot. It's too bad that most of them live in Arizona. Here's a picture as evidence that we do occasionally go out and do fun things. Unfortunately this was the only picture that we took on my camera. The other one was pretty sweet - Ryan's cousin called is the engagement "trusting" picture because you're holding hands and leaning back. It's pretty goofy looking.

This week is finals. We both have already taken one. Ryan has two more tomorrow and then one more Wednesday. Poor kid - hopefully he'll be able to relax and sleep enough after Wednesday to make up for the late nights so far. Finals this year for me are actually quite a bit less stressful than usual. I just have a couple more real tests and then finish up my capstone and do a 2000 word essay. Pretty sweet. But anyways...enough about boring semi-depressing subjects. To lighten the mood here are a couple pictures from Thanksgiving - early Saturday morning we all went to Krispy Kremes, here are some of the moments.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Swine Flu and You.

So today I got the swine flu vaccine. After waiting through a fairly long line, I was directed to the mist vaccine line rather than the shot vaccine line. I was somewhat relieved considering I wore a long sleeve shirt this morning, given the 12'' of snow, and I didn't think I would be able to get the sleeves high enough to have them poke me in the arm. When I got to the nice lady who made me sniff up the vaccine, I tried asking her how they decided who should go in which line. I don't think she understood my question because in response she just told me that the mist vaccine was just as effective as the shot (a statement which I already agreed with). But getting back to my original questions, the division seemed completely arbitrary.

Does anyone know if there are certain criteria which someone has to meet before she will be given the mist or vaccine?

I guess I probably should have researched the vaccine more before subjecting myself to it; however, I suppose I've been a little brainwashed by my International Health class and just willingly followed direction to protect myself. (Hopefully it won't make me even more sick).

All in all I'm just hoping that the vaccine will prevent a Christmas season similar to the last three of constant throwing up. (I think Ryan would appreciate it too)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coming Soon...

I was just thinking how excited I am for this next year. Here are just a couple of things I'm looking forward too...

1. Graduating
2. Grad School
3. Moving to wherever said grad school is
4. Meeting a new nephew and another new nephew/niece
5. Spending a month in New Zealand with Ryan
6. New job
7. Super fun summer - 24th, camping, Lake Powell, birthdays, trips to see family (hopefully at least to see more of our new best friends)

I'm so excited for new adventures.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Things to remember about this Thanksgiving....
1. The fun ride up chatting with my parents about all sorts of stuff
2. Lori's pretty house (and gorgeous Christmas tree)
3. Ryan rocking out the grad school apps
4. Lots and lots of cooking and really yummy food
5. Ryan's best friend, Corey
6. One of my new best friends, Dusty
7. Cars on constant repeat
8. Starting new projects (which will hopefully be finished by Christmas)
9. Liars Dice with the tricky 5s and 6s and Farkle
10. Shopping and the required treats
11. Booyah!
12. An amazing family production of Beatles Rock Band
13. Yummy truffles
14. Things being way more funner than before
15. Smashburger and Corey's amazing performance (will post if I can figure out how to get it off my phone)
16. Krispy Kremes
17. New nativitys (Thanks Lori and Mom)
18. Christmas tree balls in vases
19. Tired pants (Thanks Lori and Ryan)
20. Ryan's first In-N-Out Burger
21. Corey's love at the grocery store
22. Ay├║dame!