Friday, April 29, 2011

Prophylactic removal of asymptomatic impacted third molars: Evidence from randomized controlled trials and a local anecdote

I promised Tiff that I would fill in for her on the blog today since she went under the knife. If you have time to turn off the coverage of the embarrassing spectacle across the pond, keep reading.

The surgical removal of wisdom teeth to prevent potential problems with their eruption has become common practice in most developed countries. During a visit to the oral surgeon several weeks ago, Tiffany learned that her four wisdom teeth were destined to become impacted in coming years (if not months). Having foreseen this possibility in January, we were prepared with dental insurance adequate to cover the bulk of the costs of the extraction procedure, which easily register in four digits without such coverage.

Hence, we scheduled the extraction procedure for this morning. Was this the correct decision? The evidence is unclear. At least in terms of the "incisor crowding" consequences of wisdom teeth eruption, randomized controlled experiments fail (in the aggregate) to provide support for the preventative removal of said teeth, particularly in adults. These claims are debatable. Are meta-analyses reasonable methods for evaluating treatment effects? Am I cherry-picking one study from a vast literature? Should I actually read these studies instead of skimming the abstract and ignoring the jargon with which I am unfamiliar? Should I trust "scientists" with their fancy-pants "quantitative evidence" and "statistical rigor" or rely on my own instinct (and can I have "mommy instinct"?)? Did we transfer hundreds of greenbacks to a DDS to prevent a real problem, or did we do it to follow unverified common wisdom like lemmings? Will it even matter once I open our "high-yield" online savings account at American Express, earning roughly core inflation on our huge piles of spare cash? Should we be hoarding gold/sheep/organic food in preparation for the downfall of modern society at the hands of [insert political party you dislike]? Who really won the boxing match, Keynes or Hayek? I leave these to the reader as exercises.

At any rate, Tiffany was sedated with a general anesthetic while the doctor went to work with drills and knives and, presumably, bags and bags of money from past and current patients. We're glad we can keep the money flowing. An hour later, Tiff stumbled out the door and into a cab I had hailed which was driven by a man who multitasked by filling out paper work during our entire journey (at least he wasn't playing Angry Birds). I'm not going to criticize how he does his job--he's a professional.

After a dose of Vicodin, some ice packs, and a McD's chocolate shake, Tiff is back to her old self again. Maybe this experience will make us appreciate our gums more. Maybe it will make us reevaluate our non-medical career choices. Maybe Chairman Bernanke's actions in 2008 were driven more by his past research than by financial sector capture. In any case, Tiff's going to need a new excuse next time she wants a three-day weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


nope, not this fella
yesterday I reentered the world of yoga. luckily I wasn't alone since Katherine and CoCo graciously accompanied me. we recently scored a deal from livingsocial - 15 yoga classes for $15 dollars. definitely worth it. our in instructor was a crack up. he had jokes for just about every pose and awkward situation. I felt like a dork being the only one laughing but apparently everyone else was focused on their breathing. I need to work on being more serious if I'm going to turn into a real yogi and find my inner balance. maybe with time ...or maybe I'll just try to be more like the other Yogi and get me a pic-a-nic basket.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


this weekend Ryan and I rented Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (which I think we're now late returning...oops). it was a fun film to watch. a bit scary, but I did alright. even in the part with this guy

it reminded me of a recent news story I saw...
7000 in PG county go without power due to a large snake.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


my sister's got mad skills. she quilts, makes purses, bakes artisan bread, embroiders pillows, sews up a storm, and does it all while keeping an adorable three year old under control. here are a few pictures of some of her projects. the amazing multicolored quilt with the tree behind it is the quilt she made me and ryan for christmas. I love it!
cute purse, my christmas quilt, great orange and white quilt, little chickies quilt.

all strung out quilt (her tutorial is here), quilt she made for baby Amelia, her awesome family room with all her homemade pillows and decor, Corey's bedroom quilt and glow-in-the-dark pillow, a See Lori Sew original design airplane quilt

given that she's so talented, obviously she has an etsy shop
-- See Lori Sew.
she's amazing and sells adorable quilted SLR camera straps with genuine leather ends. you should check it out and send everyone you know to check it out.
lori- you rock

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter party

saturday night we had some friends over for an Easter potluck. it was really fun. everyone brought amazing food and I was completely stuffed by the end of the night.
they were even great sports about my easter egg confetti game, now officially on the Easter tradition list. it was a smash.
along with the confetti game, we played mafia - one of ryan's favs. it was hilarious. I may or may not be the worst liar ever and might have gotten out the first round when I was mafia. I need some lessons from Ms. GaGa.

hope you all had a great Easter and have a wonderful monday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

easter egg party...

last night I hung out with a few lovely ladies - Kristin, Karla, and Jaclyn. we dyed a ton of easter eggs. we even tried a few tricky ones like martha, but for the most part failed. martha's just got the touch. we also prepped eggs for the new tradition I'm going to start - the confetti egg game. it's going to be awesome and now I can hardly wait until saturday. here are a few of the gems from last night (my favorite might be the one that looks like the world).

Thursday, April 21, 2011


it's always great to see my brother. he's super witty, really interesting, brilliant, and a lot of fun to be around. another slight perk is the great restaurants that he takes us to - he may or may not be a bit of a foodie. last night we went to Rosa Mexicano. probably some of the best Mexican food I've had. the carne asada tacos were amazing. hopefully we can save our pennies and go back again soon.

(picture found here)

thanks chris! can't wait to see you again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happy birthday mom!

happy birthday mom. you are very loved. very special. and one of my very favorite people. hope you have a great day. love you!

 you're the best mom, grammy, and wife i know. thanks for everything! wish i could be with you today - miss you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

human planet

last night Ryan and i watched Discovery Channel's Human Plant.

it's amazing. you should watch it. definitely worth the time.

i watched 3 men steal part of a wildebeest from a pride of lions. it's intense. these people are incredible.

end of story. check it out - here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

5 happy things...

1. beautiful sunny weather
2. ingrid's song that's stuck in my head

3. spending time with this lovely lady

4. $1 lunch deal & mickey d's hot fudge sundaes
5. my desktop background

Hope you're having a happy day too!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ta da

so yesterday I cut my hair. while it may not seem like a big change to anyone but me, I still think that 6 inches is significant enough to grant its own blog post.

so ....
(I apologize beforehand for the poor quality self-portraits) 



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little note...

dear Starburst Jellybeans,

you make my day so much happier. i love this season partly because of you. but please quit giving me tummy aches (a quarter of a bag should be completely acceptable).


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

cherry blossom parade

this past Saturday Kristin and Holland let me tag along on their excursion to the cherry blossom festival parade. it was a pretty fun parade, stock full of bands, mustangs, little kids organizations, floats, and big character balloons. in addition to the usual suspects, there was one unexpected event - namely, a fire. one of the vehicles toting a float went up in smoke and then started on fire. it was a pretty exciting 20 minute delay as the fire got bigger, the firemen came (luckily they were close, given that they were part of the parade), and the police tow truck came to haul off the crispy car. I texted ryan to tell him what was up and here was the conversation:

tiff - a truck pulling a float is currently on fire
ryan - What?! So is the parade on hold? Get a photo

I'm glad he's got his priorities straight - "get a photo".  luckily, no one was hurt and I got a few photos.

Monday, April 11, 2011


the past couple weeks have been the national cherry blossom festival. the office had an outing to go check them out complete with cherry blossom cupcakes. while I didn't get to go on the outing because of a last minute deadline, I did get to eat the tasty cakes. they were lemon cake filled with cherry preserves and a vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with a cute little fondant cherry blossom cut out. if you're ever in the dc area during the cherry blossom festival, do yourself a favor and get the specialty at hello cupcakes 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring in dc

I'm falling in love with spring in dc. Hope things are brightening where you're at too.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Year in Review

Despite my lack of blogging a lot happened in 2010...
I may or may not have started writing this 4 months ago and just got around to publishing it...
So a 2011 year in review will be coming shortly...

We taught primary
Finally officially changed my name...
Fondue New Years party with the fam
Ryan TA Econ 588 - Advanced Econometrics
Kept rockin with PLAID
Ryan had a mustache (briefly)
Ryan bought me some sweet headphones for my birthday
Celebrated Chinese New Year by making some dumplings
Ryan helped my expand my locket collection on Valentines
All the fam was in town for my b-day and my mom got me some awesome cowboy boots

Heard back from lots of different schools
Met our newest nephew - Evan
Organized some events for SIR 
Surprised Pops with all the kids meeting in SLC to celebrate his bday
Made some new married friends in Provo 2 years too late
Decided to go to Maryland
Graduated (in freezing weather)!
Hung out with all the fam at graduation (including the very hip Corey)
Went to NZ

Toured all of NZ for 3+ weeks
Bungee jumped!
Stayed in a wharenui

Came back to reality
Applied to about a billion jobs
Ryan visited Maryland and checked out apartments 
Beat Super Mario Brothers Wii!
Zach hung out in Provo with us for a couples weeks
Saw my best friend for the first time in 2 years
Went to a Modest Mouse concert and scored a set list
Saw a moose! 
Said good-bye to one of my best friends for 18 months (love you Sloane!)
Finally threw away my wedding bouquet and wedding cake topper
Visited colorado - boating, 4-wheeling, and traveling to see grandparents
Drove (and moved) across the country
Fit our big TV into our car
Sold the truck
Saw the Mississippi
Met our niece
Rode the best roller coasters in the world

Bought our first couch - $75 on craiglist 
Looked for a job
Celebrated our 2-year anniversary 
Ryan started Math Camp
Were called the activities committee
Went to the Glenn Beck rally- saw lots of crazy signs
Went to a friends wedding - Ryan was a groomsman
Helped a friend paint a desk purple

Ryan started real school
Started a temp job at American Institutes of Research
Planned our first church activity - saved the day by suggesting pulled pork sandwiches 
Went to the Jon Stewart, Stephan Colbert rally
Made my first pot roast
Took Molly to Bens

Ron, Sue and Uncle Paul visited DC
Visited Mount Vernon, up the Washington Monument,
Went through the application process at McKinsey
Ryan smoked his midterms

Ryan grew a beard
Ryan temporarily had a stache
Made our very first Thanksgiving dinner - without burning the turkey
Decorated our bedroom with pictures
Bought frames for pictures in our main room

Ryan aced his finals
Went to a super fancy work holiday gala
Had a little scare at the hospital 
Went home to Colorado for 2.5 weeks
Sewed a bunch of pillows for our bed
Went on a gondola ride in Telluride with Corey
Rode quads
Visited Grandmas
Cooked lots of tasty food
Gained 5 lbs each