Thursday, April 28, 2011


nope, not this fella
yesterday I reentered the world of yoga. luckily I wasn't alone since Katherine and CoCo graciously accompanied me. we recently scored a deal from livingsocial - 15 yoga classes for $15 dollars. definitely worth it. our in instructor was a crack up. he had jokes for just about every pose and awkward situation. I felt like a dork being the only one laughing but apparently everyone else was focused on their breathing. I need to work on being more serious if I'm going to turn into a real yogi and find my inner balance. maybe with time ...or maybe I'll just try to be more like the other Yogi and get me a pic-a-nic basket.

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  1. This is SO ME in yoga classes! :) Laughter helps me feel like not QUITE as big of an idiot for being completely inflexible. Also, 15 for $15?! Deal of the decade!!