Tuesday, April 12, 2011

cherry blossom parade

this past Saturday Kristin and Holland let me tag along on their excursion to the cherry blossom festival parade. it was a pretty fun parade, stock full of bands, mustangs, little kids organizations, floats, and big character balloons. in addition to the usual suspects, there was one unexpected event - namely, a fire. one of the vehicles toting a float went up in smoke and then started on fire. it was a pretty exciting 20 minute delay as the fire got bigger, the firemen came (luckily they were close, given that they were part of the parade), and the police tow truck came to haul off the crispy car. I texted ryan to tell him what was up and here was the conversation:

tiff - a truck pulling a float is currently on fire
ryan - What?! So is the parade on hold? Get a photo

I'm glad he's got his priorities straight - "get a photo".  luckily, no one was hurt and I got a few photos.

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