Tuesday, April 26, 2011


my sister's got mad skills. she quilts, makes purses, bakes artisan bread, embroiders pillows, sews up a storm, and does it all while keeping an adorable three year old under control. here are a few pictures of some of her projects. the amazing multicolored quilt with the tree behind it is the quilt she made me and ryan for christmas. I love it!
cute purse, my christmas quilt, great orange and white quilt, little chickies quilt.

all strung out quilt (her tutorial is here), quilt she made for baby Amelia, her awesome family room with all her homemade pillows and decor, Corey's bedroom quilt and glow-in-the-dark pillow, a See Lori Sew original design airplane quilt

given that she's so talented, obviously she has an etsy shop
-- See Lori Sew.
she's amazing and sells adorable quilted SLR camera straps with genuine leather ends. you should check it out and send everyone you know to check it out.
lori- you rock

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  1. She seriously does have some mad skills, I wish I was that cool!