Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gender Issues

Throughout college I've spent a lot of time studying gender and how it relates to development, democracy, and social welfare. Today I presented with a group on the topic and we showed this clip. I really really like it. I think you all should take a few minutes and watch the video, possibly explore the website, and examine your own views on gender.

If the video doesn't automatically play after clicking on "Agree" then click on the link in the lower right hand corner of the site which says "Play the girl effect video"

Hope you all loved it as much as I did. I'm so grateful to be a girl. And feel so lucky to be a girl where I am. The impact girls can make is incredible. I only hope I can live up to the potential I have from being a girl.

1 comment:

  1. That's an awesome clip Tin, watched it a couple times. To bad I only have boys :)--I'll teach 'em right though, and invest in the ones that aren't mine. Thanks for a happy Wednesday morning. See you soon! can't wait.