Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sometimes DoD comes with perks...(even for the interns)

Last week was pretty eventful for me at work - well really only two days last week...

On Monday I rode in a black hawk helicopter to a secure location. The helicopter ride was awesome. As we were taking off I got a birds eye view of downtown DC, the National Mall, the National Cathedral (which we went to a couple weeks ago and it's gorgeous), Arlington (which as incredible) and the beautiful country and green between the Pentagon and near Gettysburg. Our secret ride was to Raven Rock, a location used in case there are any big problems at the Pentagon, i.e. chemical/biological weapons, nuclear weapons, or some other extreme form of danger. While Raven Rock is a secure facility it's not exactly secret - given it has its own Wikipedia page found here. Regardless it was awesome - the whole
place is inside a mountain. When we got there they gave us all a big tour of the facility which was neat because typically only high ups go on this tour so they just assumed that I was important (ha, little did they know I'm pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole, or not even on the totem pole at all). It was an incredible experience and I'm really excited that I got to go. It feels pretty dang cool to say that I was in a black hawk helicopter and went to a secret/secure location inside a mountain.

Wednesday I got to have a chat with my friend Mr. Bob Gates (Secretary of Defense). He had a Q&A session with all the interns in the building and it was pretty neat. It's incredible to see all these really powerful people and realize that they're still just normal/regular people. He was very nice and had good responses to the questions he was asked. He's had quite an impressive career and it was interesting to hear his insights to problems/issues that Defense, the government, and soldiers are facing. He seemed like such a nice person, I really enjoyed it.

So that's my excitement for last week - riding in a helicopter, going to a secure location, and chatting with the Secretary of Defense. What was your week like? Hope you had a great one.

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