Thursday, July 30, 2009

New York, New York

This past weekend we took a trip to NYC. We hopped on a China bus early Friday morning and 5+ hours later we stepped off in China town in NYC with a great adventure to follow with highlights such as losing my phone (and then luckily finding it again), walking through SoHo, checking out Times Square at midnight, strolling all around Central Park, examining the buildings at the Financial District, surviving stifling heat, ferrying to Staten Island, walking across the Brooklyn bridge with fantastic homemade ice cream, lunching in Little Italy, buying a Rolex (and another $10 watch), posing on a dump truck with my name sake, getting my favorite perfume for cheap (love those street vendors), surviving the dirty, complicated, sauna of a metro, eating a Melona bar, cutting my toe open, taking a million pictures, visiting Ground Zero, seeing the UN and the blue hats, exploring Grand Central Station, out witting the tricky China bus lady, surviving a bus driver who thought he was driving a taxi, and walking till we dropped. It was a great trip - Thanks to Moms and Dads (and Jansen) who helped make it happen!

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