Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our First Week...

Despite loud objections (by other halves which I won't mention) to joining the blogging world post marriage, I've decided to start a blog so others can track our time in dc via stories and pictures. While my creative writing skills are nothing compared to my talented sister-in-law and sister, I hope you'll stay tuned for an occasional post from my hilarious husband.

We arrived in DC last Saturday after finishing up finals and packing till 2am the night before. Our first taste of DC was traveling on the shuttle to the apartment complex with a couple of guys who were in DC to protest. The city is full of passionate people fighting for various causes - and of course for the hope, change, and our moment all thanks to the new president. Sunday we headed off to church via the metro. Shortly upon walking into the door we were given a calling (surprisingly not even in primary/nursery) - we're helping with a tutoring program for the inner-city kids in the ward (this ward tutoring program was in the Ensign last year, click here). We get to go every Thursday - the little girl I worked with this week decided that she was going to change her first name (Chidinma) to her middle name (Hope) and then take my middle name (Elizabeth) as hers (she was also very upset that my hair part was not in the middle of my head and informed me that it was pretty plain). Apparently I've already made my mark in DC.

Other than our Thursday activities this week we've gone to our internships and played after on some nights - given our feet weren't hurting too bad. Ryan is interning with the Treasury in the Office of International Affairs where he does analysis of economies in Latin America and writes briefs to be used in meetings between foreign officials and the US Treasury. Lucky for him this week he got to go to a meeting between the Treasury and the ambassador and trade minister of Colombia (he wrote what the head person said - pretty impressive). I intern for the DoD in the Office of Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Affairs. So far I try not to get lost in the Pentagon, write papers analyzing issues, and summarize papers. Although mine doesn't sound near as cool as Ryan's, I do get to rub shoulders with some pretty high up generals in the hallways and I'm determined to meet Gates (Robert, not Bill).

It's a super fun place and we're in an amazing location - downtown Georgetown. We're able to get pretty much everywhere via the metro and foot. However, sometimes that walking stuff leaves our dogs pretty tired --luckily I just bought a reflexology book so we'll have everything working in top condition asap. This way we can keep posting pictures of the great places we go. Here's a few that we have so far...

The first is of us in front of the White House. Then the Hope diamond which we saw in the Smithsonian (which as incredible). Followed by my brand new shirt (which is sold everywhere here). Our new friend Abe and Ryan in front of the IMF. Stay tuned...


  1. Looks like fun! Did you know that the graphic artist who made that picture is getting sued because the original photo was copywrighted. I'd be careful wearing it (especially after you get home :-)

  2. Ryan doesn't like it. Wait till you see the shirt he made mocking it.

  3. Yeah, looks like your becoming a true Obama fan! Glad to see you also jumped on the blogging band wagon--it's a good ride, and I'm happy for the company in any case. Be back soon!