Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Moving Day

Ryan keeps telling me to write posts. "You can't just leave your customers hangin, Tiff. Your customers demand change, Tiff. Change we can believe in."

Thursday of last week (5-14) the office I've been working at moved to a different wing of the Pentagon. It was pretty exciting...the hype has been building up for weeks. Just about everyday since I've joined the office has there's been some sort of reminder about the upcoming move or problems that have been caused because of the upcoming move. People have been gradually packing up things (except of course a couple of those who always have the most stuff and procrastinate until the last minute). Luckily I only had only one box so I got the lovely duty of building boxes (which I'm now a pro at), throwing classified papers into burn bags (burn bags are used for any classified information - or important unclassified information), and organizing binders, folders, etc. So burn bags can only be 10 lbs each
and I think in the length of about 3 days I probably had about 30+ ish bags. It's ridiculous how much information/paper they've gone through. I've never thought of myself as a radical environmentalist but I felt really bad when it was through me all of the waste was happening. I guess it was just another "welcome to a government agency" day. In addition to my packing/moving duties I was also tasked with hanging up pictures in our new office to try to spice the place up a bit. Thank goodness my mom has taught me well and that I was on the climbing team in high school. Precariously balancing on various chairs, bookshelves, and desks to hang large photos straight got me an A for the day from one of my supervisors. She informed me that I was a "rockstar" for my work. My other A for the day came when I was asked to go check on the status of our fridge and microwave (which were still in the other office). I trooped over there and found both in their same spots with no intention of moving. Near the seditary appliances I also found a dolly. Thanks to my experience working next to my parents I was able to load and transport both the fridge and the microwave (in one trip) on a dolly - I didn't even sound dumb when later because I knew what a dolly was. My third A came from helping Joe Bosco. He's from Italy and he reminds me of my grandad. The other day when I was packing stuff up he walked by and grandpa-like thumped me on the head. Although this might sound like intern abuse, it was very endearing. But anyways my A from him came when I helped him transfer files from one drive on his computer to a different drive. Although it only took me a couple minutes to walk him through it, it was very helpful and I'm sure saved him a bunch of time. He's great. So now moving day is over and everyone is settling into their new digs. I'm not sure how people handle moving days every 4 years or so with the new administration changes. I guess moving days are just one more way the government keeps people employed - although come to think of it we didn't even get the luxury of help from those government employed official movers - I guess that's why they hire free interns.

Burn Bags - maybe environmentalists should go after these for one of their causes...

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