Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cupcakes and Tutoring

I've just begun blogging and I'm already behind. I now have a little more understanding for my sister's tri-monthly posts (sorry Lori for the comments telling you to get back on the wagon). Week 2 was very fun and eventful. During the week we did several fun things. We ventured down Georgetown to visit the famous Georgetown Cupcake. The store was started by a couple of sisters who apparently love cupcakes. I forgot my camera so couldn't take pictures of the cute little treats but not worries I'm sure I'll be back soon to try some of the different flavors like key lime, chocolate cubed, or lava fudge.

We did our tutoring again on Thursday 5/7. I got to work with Chidinma again, she's a riot. We learned all about space travel, President Obama's new dog Bo, cells, and glanced over French vocabulary. I had her take a picture with me and due to height differences I lifted her up (hence the funny look on both of our faces). Ryan filled in by reading a book with an 18 year old girl from eastern Africa. The program is really diverse. It's so interesting to hear everyone's story and how they got where they are now. We're really enjoying this calling. It's been a great experience so far.

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