Thursday, May 19, 2011

pretty busy

things have been pretty crazy around here. not out of control crazy, but just crazy enough to take my once a day blog posting to a twice a week thing. sorry (I'm sure all 6 of you readers are really disappointed). Ryan finished his last final was a great day. poor kid gets slammed with finals and to top it off gets a massive, terrible cold each time tests roll around. makes for a pretty miserable week or so of studying and test taking. luckily he has a little (very little) break before he has to get back to the grind for comps. at least june seems to be in sight now. works been pretty busy. i've also been working on my cooking skills and tried to make a real dinner every night last week. i think i might have succeeded but right now i can't remember.

here's a thought if you want one - i really like it...
"The 'fundamental attribution error' is a psychological phenomenon in which we tend to view other people's actions as reflections of their characters and to overlook the power of situation to influence their actions, whereas with ourselves, we recognize the pressures of circumstance."

it's from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. so if you get the chance today, give someone else some slack, who knows what circumstances they're dealing with today. 

or as my mom would say just try to make someone else happy today...

here's a picture that made me happy today.
(found here)

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  1. I've missed your daily blog posts. For sure.