Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Zealand

So 4 years and a 12 hour flight later, ryan finally returned to N.Z(ed)....
Here are a few pictures to prove it.

Here was the first day, right off the airplane, when we stopped at One Tree Hill - aka No Tree Hill. It had a great view of the city.

This is in a town called Devonport. We walked the beach streets, went to a market, and went up to an old lookout where they had some canons (and a gigantic tree).

Then we went to Shakespeare and did some hiking up to a lookout and picked up some shells along the beach. When we were leaving we ran into a curious peacock that came right up to the car to check us out.

Then off to Piha - a coastal town kinda up in the hills with amazing views of the ocean and mountains. We walked along the beach, checked out the surfers, and then hiked up Lion rock.

We hung out with one of Ryan's converts - William. We had a great time, he's a super guy who really loves the gospel and loves Ryan for teaching him.William is part Rarotongan (Cook Island) and part Niuen.

Next we ate with the Rangi family. They were the family that Ryan baptised. It was really great to meet them, they were very special to Ryan and it was wonderful to see how the gospel has changed their lives.

Then today we went to the Asekonas for a feed. They are a Nuien family that lives in Ryan's first area. It was great island food and we had a wonderful time with them - lots of singing and they did a mother's day program. They also gave us some presents and were very nice.

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