Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite mom in the whole wide world....

Just a few things that make my mom amazing...
  • she lets me call her whenever (and how often) i want to 
  • she's probably the best listener and advice giver i've ever met...whether it's info on how to cook potatoes, how to get rid of a headache, how to sew a carseat cover, or how to be a better wife - she's got all the right answers.
  • she's very giving. she gives her time and energy to whoever might need it. whenever she visits anyone there's always a list of to dos - sewing, tiling, remodeling, or baking, she's willing to give. 
  • she's smart. and super funny - especially when she's not trying to be and when we're shopping
  • she's just an all around good person that i'm pretty sure everyone loves
happy birthday mom!
love you all the way to heaven and back (a bazillion times)

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