Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Sundays are so Fun...

I like primary. It's super fun. We got to move up with our kiddos this year so we have all 5 (or 6 some days) boys to hang out with for two hours every Sunday. They are each so different and full of surprises. One has probably become my favorite. Every Sunday he makes a point of telling me that I'm "boy trapped" - meaning that I'm completely surrounded by boys with no way out. 

Today the boys were a little bit wild. The favorite saying was "kids are all in zero gravity" and then they kept repeating "zero gravity" and randomly giggling throughout the lesson. It got them all really excited because of course that meant that they could lift their feet off the ground and then be floating - pretty exciting stuff right? It's also fun when we see all 5 get to church - each will see you and then smile or wave or tug on his mom's dress to point us out. It makes me feel a bit famous. 

So morale is if you're stuck in sunday school, you should probably be a little jealous and try to ditch out and come to our class because it'll brighten your day (and plus we get to play tons of fun games).

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