Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekends and Finals

Saturday night Ryan and I drove up to Salt Lake to see his sister, brother-in-law, and some cousins. It was really fun. They're all a riot. It's too bad that most of them live in Arizona. Here's a picture as evidence that we do occasionally go out and do fun things. Unfortunately this was the only picture that we took on my camera. The other one was pretty sweet - Ryan's cousin called is the engagement "trusting" picture because you're holding hands and leaning back. It's pretty goofy looking.

This week is finals. We both have already taken one. Ryan has two more tomorrow and then one more Wednesday. Poor kid - hopefully he'll be able to relax and sleep enough after Wednesday to make up for the late nights so far. Finals this year for me are actually quite a bit less stressful than usual. I just have a couple more real tests and then finish up my capstone and do a 2000 word essay. Pretty sweet. But anyways...enough about boring semi-depressing subjects. To lighten the mood here are a couple pictures from Thanksgiving - early Saturday morning we all went to Krispy Kremes, here are some of the moments.

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