Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh hey...

So we finally did it, yep, we've made it out of Provo. We're now official residents of MD.
Ryan starts class tomorrow. To celebrate his first day of school as a Phd student I was going to make an awesome dinner; however, since he doesn't get out of class until 7 my plans were foiled.
But less you think I'm a slacker wife, to make up for it we're having a little party tomorrow night.
I'm really excited.
We're going to be social...and make new friends.
Any good ideas of an awesome dessert to make? Or awesome games to play?
I'm open to any suggestions of how to trick these people into being our friends.
I'm figure good food will probably better our chances. Hopefully I won't burn whatever it is I make.

Anyways. We're loving it here. It's super hot, the power sometimes goes off for unknown amounts of time, and it's way too far away from home, but other than that we really do like it. A lot.

And our little apartment has been working out great so far.
I was worried all of our stuff wouldn't fit into a one bedroom, but Ryan did a good job scoping it out and chose a winner.
Now just to make it cute. Another bonus - we can paint the walls however we want and use nails.
It's fantastic.

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