Thursday, March 11, 2010


Not a whole lot has happened lately...but here are a few key highlights.

1. Ryan and I met our newest nephew - Evan - Danielle and Jayson's first baby. It was really neat to see such a new baby - he was only a couple hours when we met. He's also very cute. I think he probably liked me more than his uncle Ryan given that he went to the bathroom while Ryan was holding him. It'll be fun to be around him for a few months before we leave for grad school.

2. Happy Birthday Dad! Last week it was my dad's 60th birthday and all of us kids surprised him by meeting in SLC. He was really excited and really surprised when everyone started showing up. The birthday surprise also marked a new high for me and Corey. I think we're now great friends - it only took running around outside with him, looking for fish, and quacking at the ducks for hours to make me officially his favorite aunt (although he didn't ever tell me these specific words, I'm sure he was thinking them). 

3. Ryan has been accepted to several grad schools! Yippee, we at least have somewhere to go next year. We're still waiting to hear back from a lot but it's looking good. I'm glad that he's so smart and such a hard worker. So far it looks like we'll either end up in Boston or DC area. They both sound like great places to spend 4-5 years. Now just for me to find a job....

4. Ryan and I bought our cap and gown get-ups the other day - so I guess it's official, we will be graduating in 6 weeks. Pretty crazy.

Also....NZ in about 7 weeks. Huzah!

So in my marketing class we've been watching lots of commercials and looking at different print ads and such here are just a couple of my favorites so far. They're really funny so you should watch...

Ikea Lamp Commercial
Fireman Rescue

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